Professional Wireless Site Survey

NETGEAR® Professional Wireless Site Survey provides a comprehensive overview of the wireless networks which is necessary to best serve the users and their demanding applications.

By leveraging the latest wireless mapping technology, tools and techniques, NETGEAR is able to provide you with detailed information – such as Access Points (APs) and channel selection, transmit power levels and locations - which are required to deliver optimum performance.

Professional Wireless Site Survey Includes the Followings:

  • Detect, measure and record the presence of interference from other radio frequency devices
  • Measure or calculate the expected data rates in the deployed areas
  • Recommend the location of access points, antennas and other wireless devices
  • Check for wave reflection, hidden nodes, dead spots
  • Support of industry standards IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n networks

ProSUPPORT Wireless Site Survey Datasheet (PDF file)
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